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Together with the Educate the Kids charity we launched a campaign to collect unused children's shoes in Bristol. And donate these shoes to African children and do our bit to give these kids a better life.

Finding The Right Shoe For Your Sole

Do you believe that you have awkward feet? If so then we feel your pain! Take heart because you are not alone. Perhaps you believe that your feet are too big, too small, too wide or too narrow. Maybe you are bemoaning narrow heels or fallen arches and have struggled to find stylish shoes that are kind to feet. You are probably experiencing foot pain from time to time, if not all the time. Are your feet getting a raw deal?

For every problem there is a SoleLution

The truth is that your feet may not be the issue. The real problem could well be your shoes and that is where we can help. At SoleLution we feature a diverse range of high quality, stylish yet affordable footwear that will really sweep you off your feet.

Finding Your Feet

Nature has decreed that feet come in all shapes and sizes and so there are no such things as average or typical feet. Your feet are not awkward they are just uniquely yours. They must carry you for life and so those sole mates work extremely hard for you. Little wonder that they rebel from time to time and you end up feeling like you are wearing someone else’s shoes. If your feet are saying enough is enough then it is time to rethink your footwear.

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  • Can't get to one of our stores? Try our Virtual Shoe Fitting Service
    SoleLution's Virtual Fitting Service

    Shoe Fitting Online Questionnaire

    Can't make it instore but still want to ensure your children are wearing the right fitting shoes?  SoleLution can help thanks to our virtual shoe fitting service.  You simply complete the questionnaire, we use our expertise and come up with some suggestions from our stock that we think would give a good fit.  We ship the shoes to you and then if you would like, we can talk you through checking the fit over a video call.

    So here is the process for SoleLution’s virtual shoe fitting service:

    1. Complete our online questionnaire

    Complete the questionnaire with as much detail on their current shoes and size.  The gauge gives us a guide, as will the measurements we ask you to provide, but as we're unable to see your childrens feet in the flesh as we would if you came instore, we also ask for other bits of information and if you are able to provide photos even better.  All of this h

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  • Take your adventures into the water with our water friendly sandals!
    Take your adventures into the water with our water friendly sandals!

    Taking your adventures into the water! Here's our top pick of water friendly sandals.


    Summer is fast approaching and now that we can travel again, I am sure that many of us will be heading for warmer climes.  However, regardless of where you are going this summer, a pair of sandals your children can wear around the pool, on the beach, for a walk and out for the evening are a must. 

    At SoleLution we have a great selection of water friendly sandals that fit this brief perfectly, most of which you can also pop in the washing machine for a 30 degree wash.  BUT please remember to always let them dry naturally and don't place in a tumble dryer or pop on the radiator to dry as this can destroy the glue in the sandals.

    We stock a lovely range of Geox closed and open

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  • 4 steps to Perfect Foot Care - The Ultimate Foot Care Guide.
    Foot Care

    Everything you need to know about Foot Care


    To what extent do you pay attention to and take care of your feet?

    You spend the entire season with your toes bundled up. Suffering from a lack of access to clean water and fresh air. Then comes summer, and you put them in every situation imaginable.

    Whatever the case may be, it's safe to say that you spend the majority of your day standing. So your feet are probably the most intensively used part of your body. However, also one of the most underappreciated body parts.

    Your poor soles, toes, and heels are in desperate need of some tender loving care, and we're here to assist you. In our latest eBook we will tell you everything you need to know about foot care, from why it's important to how to do it properly. 

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