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  1. Can't get to one of our stores? Try our Virtual Shoe Fitting Service

    SoleLution's Virtual Fitting Service

    Shoe Fitting Online Questionnaire

    Can't make it instore but still want to ensure your children are wearing the right fitting shoes?  SoleLution can help thanks to our virtual shoe fitting service.  You simply complete the questionnaire, we use our expertise and come up with some suggestions from our stock that we think would give a good fit.  We ship the shoes to you and then if you would like, we can talk you through checking the fit over a video call.

    So here is the process for SoleLution’s virtual shoe fitting service:

    1. Complete our online questionnaire

    Complete the questionnaire with as much detail on their current shoes and size.  The gauge gives us a guide, as will the measurements we ask you to provide, but as we're unable to see your childrens feet in the flesh as we would if you came instore, we also ask for other bits of information and if you are able to provide photos even better.  All of this h

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  2. 5 Top tips for buying school shoes for your children

    Tips for buying school shoes

    We hope you are enjoying the school holidays.  At SoleLution we appreciate that shopping for correctly fitting school shoes can be a laborious task, but it is essential, so here are some tips to help make your shopping for school shoes experience a little less painful:

    1. Book an appointment or be prepared to wait!  August and September are some of the busiest months for those selling children’s shoes but first thing in the morning and late afternoon tend to be a bit quieter.  We pride ourselves on giving each customer the best service we can, and that includes those in front of you.  Last year we introduced an appointment system, which was so loved by customers as it made the "whole experience quicker and so much more stress free" and so are continuing with it this year.  Book your appointment at  We will a

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