Shoe Cleaning FAQ

Shoe Cleaning FAQ

How often should I clean and polish my shoes?  What can I do about a shoe polish stain? Here you will find a simple shoe cleaning FAQ, answering the most important questions about shoe care.

How do I clean my shoes?

Regularly brush away any surface dirt with a clean soft brush. There are also speciality brushes, such as a suede brush, that can be used on specific materials and are a valuable addition to anyone's shoe care arsenal. If the brush hasn't been used for a long time, clean it with a damp cloth and a very mild soap.

Make sure your shoes are completely dry before polishing them and wipe them down with a dry soft cloth to remove any surface dirt. 

How often do I need to polish my shoes?

A polish will nourish and protect the leather, so we would recommend that you polish them before their first wear and then every few wears.  The frequency

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