Take your adventures into the water with our water friendly sandals!

Taking your adventures into the water! Here's our top pick of water friendly sandals.


Summer is fast approaching and now that we can travel again, I am sure that many of us will be heading for warmer climes.  However, regardless of where you are going this summer, a pair of sandals your children can wear around the pool, on the beach, for a walk and out for the evening are a must. 

At SoleLution we have a great selection of water friendly sandals that fit this brief perfectly, most of which you can also pop in the washing machine for a 30 degree wash.  BUT please remember to always let them dry naturally and don't place in a tumble dryer or pop on the radiator to dry as this can destroy the glue in the sandals.

We stock a lovely range of Geox closed and open toe sandals (in my personal opinion ;) ) for both boys and girls, offering comfort and good adjustability through velcro straps to ensure a great fit.  Perfect to keep their little feet happy on any adventure.  Styles from their "baby" range - B Sandal Agasim and B Sandal Multy come in a size EU 21 to EU 27 (UK Junior 4.5 to UK Junior 9) and styles from their "junior" range such as J Borealis and J Wader from a size EU 24 to an EU34 (UK Junior 6.5 to a UK 2)

Geox Girls Water Friendly Sandals   Geox Boys Water Friendly Sandals


I personally am a huge fan of Ricosta, and so are our customers, due to how light weight and cushioned they are, making them the perfect playtime summer sandal.  This spring summer season we are loving the vibrant colours that Gery, Franky and Tajo are available in.  Gery is a closed toe sandal and Franky an open toe sandal with a supportive closed heel.  Both are available in a size EU 21 to a EU 27 (UK Junior 4.5 to a UK Junior 9).  Tajo is an open toe sandal for bigger children available from a size EU 27 (UK Junior 9) all the way up to a EU 41 (UK size 7) in some colours.

Ricosta Water Sandals

From Lurchi by Salamander we have 2 water friendly sandals (although there are plenty of other sandals to choose from this brand, especially for the girls!).  Both of these styles, Pete and Paul, are closed toe and heel, giving great support and protection for those adventures, but with cutouts along the upper for great breathability.  Lurchi Pete comes in a size EU 25 (UK Junior 7.5) to a EU 34 (UK 2) and is available in Navy and Turqouise whilst Paul in grey and lime green (or grass) is available in a size EU 25 (UK Junior 7.5) to a EU 35 (UK 2.5).  

Lurchi Sandals

Next we have Samphire by Petasil.  These are new to SoleLution this Spring Summer Season, but we, and our customers, are loving them already.  With their stylish leather uppers, they can be worn on the beach as well as dressed up for the evening - practical for every girl!  We are stocking 2 styles. Marella 2 comes in 3 beautifully bold colours - orange, red patent and yellow patent - and Jaime in pastel blue and a navy/yellow mix.  Marella 2 sports a velcro ankle strap, whilse Jaime has a buckle fastening on the ankle offering great adjustability to suit most feet.  Both styles are available from a EU size 24 (UK Junior 6.5) to an EU 39 (UK 5.5) meaning they area sandal option for nearly everyone!

Samphire by Petasil sandals

And finally last not least, something for all the family.  Most of us have suffered hot footing across the hot sand, or worried about slipping around the pool, Slipfree offer a great light weight, flexible and comfortable barefoot feel solution.  Again a new addition to SoleLution's catalogue this season, but already proving to be a hit and a must have to pack in the suitcase for your holidays.  We have some fun patterns for the kids, brightly coloured leopard print for the ladies (can match with your daughter/granddaughter if you wish!) and if you like something a bit plainer navy and black going up to sizes suitable for Dad!