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  1. Take your adventures into the water with our water friendly sandals!

    Take your adventures into the water with our water friendly sandals!

    Taking your adventures into the water! Here's our top pick of water friendly sandals.


    Summer is fast approaching and now that we can travel again, I am sure that many of us will be heading for warmer climes.  However, regardless of where you are going this summer, a pair of sandals your children can wear around the pool, on the beach, for a walk and out for the evening are a must. 

    At SoleLution we have a great selection of water friendly sandals that fit this brief perfectly, most of which you can also pop in the washing machine for a 30 degree wash.  BUT please remember to always let them dry naturally and don't place in a tumble dryer or pop on the radiator to dry as this can destroy the glue in the sandals.

    We stock a lovely range of Geox closed and open

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  2. 5 Top tips for buying school shoes for your children

    Tips for buying school shoes

    We hope you are enjoying the school holidays.  At SoleLution we appreciate that shopping for correctly fitting school shoes can be a laborious task, but it is essential, so here are some tips to help make your shopping for school shoes experience a little less painful:

    1. Book an appointment or be prepared to wait!  August and September are some of the busiest months for those selling children’s shoes but first thing in the morning and late afternoon tend to be a bit quieter.  We pride ourselves on giving each customer the best service we can, and that includes those in front of you.  Last year we introduced an appointment system, which was so loved by customers as it made the "whole experience quicker and so much more stress free" and so are continuing with it this year.  Book your appointment at  We will a

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  3. 6 Stages in the Development of your Child's Feet.

    Development stages of feet

    Did you know that our feet will carry us 4 times around the world during our lifetime? And that a child's feet produce around half a pint of sweat each day? Feet are being shaped as soon as the baby starts its development, so it's no surprise that the first few months and years are critical to your child's feet development. To help you with this, we have created an Infographic that summarises the 6 development stages of feet. 


    Pre Crawling
    Baby feet grow three sizes in his or her first year (around 2.5cm). Their feet haven't grown bones yet. It's all made out of cartilage. Their soles will be flat as well because the arches under their feet still have to develop. It's important to allow the baby's feet to grow freely. Even tight-fitting socks can impact

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